⭐Roach Ace Bait Station

Qty:  1 Box $23.98

Keep Your Household Safe And Free From The Nasty, Creepy Roach Invasion And Quickly Fight Off With Our Cockroach Control Bait Killing Gel! 

Check Out Our Satisfied Customers’ Feedback:

“I just found out that the apartment space that I had recently moved into had a nasty cockroach infestation. So I bought this cockroach bait gel and didn't waste any time using it. I was seriously impressed with how effective and immediate it works that the next morning I already saw multiple dead and dying bugs all over the floor. This power trap does not also have a strong smell unlike with sprays! Thank you for this, I can now sleep peacefully without worrying about roaches crawling over me and everywhere in my space!”

★★★★★ Natalie Turner
Seattle, Washington, USA

“Such a powerful cockroach control gel! In just a few days it already transformed my home and saw significant reduction in roach activity that had been creeping up around the house before. I was surprised with its effectiveness that it even gets into the roaches from the cracks and crevices. It's only been 3 days and I can already proudly say that I haven't seen a bug and if I do it’s already dead. I finally feel comfortable in my own space again.”

★★★★★ Sienna Cox
Los Angeles, California


Never Let Cockroaches Take Over Your Space Ever Again!

A powerful gel-based cockroach control that specialized in eliminating these creepy, nasty stubborn pests without the need for direct spraying. It is formulated with an equally alluring and poisonous blend that guarantees to draw in almost every roach type. Allowing these annoyingly resilient bugs to feast on it and disrupt their system to successfully kill them for good. In addition, this cockroach control gel boasts a potent toxin to get rid of roach colonies and their egg nests formation that other products can’t. It only takes a small contact for the overwhelming roach killing ingredients to take effect and get the job done. 


What Makes Cockroach Killing Gel Bait Different From Others?

This roach control gel promotes a serious roach killing efficacy and odorless poison-blend, enticing ingredients. Thus, enabling it to naturally attract the disgustingly irritating bugs just by leaving it in place while ensuring that they consume this pests control concoction.

On the other hand, regular insecticides only work with direct contact which allows these resilient roaches the opportunity to escape the spray and hide in crevices. Furthermore, the gel bait adopts a seriously contagious toxin and a long-lasting, slow-killing effect. It lets other roaches who consume the gel more time to carry the poison back to their colonies and efficiently terminate them. Providing you a much safer, and effective method with a long-term control performance over roach activities in your home unlike with the traditional spraying methods.


High-Effective Roach Control Gel Formulation 

Formulated with active, special ingredients that promote excellent slow-acting, cockroach-killing poison and inviting qualities that no roaches would be able to say no! It can smartly draw the bugs and keep them away from crawling around your space, especially from food sources. Its formulation allows cockroaches that consume the bait to retain the powerful toxin in their body to contaminate other roaches they get in contact with. Allowing you to have the power to ultimately kill these notoriously difficult to get rid bugs and their colonies effortlessly within a few days.


Quick And Easy Roach Killing Performance

This roach control gel can effortlessly transform any roach infested home into a safer pests-free space to get cozied into. Simply open the gel bait, smartly place one or more strategically into the areas where you usually spotted the pests, and all done. No more complicated setups and unnecessary tools needed anymore. You can also use double-sided tape to stick firm on floors or be mounted on walls and surfaces that they can crawl on to. 


Multi-Scene Application

The gel bait has a small, compact design with a potent roach control punch that can entice and eradicate roaches wherever you place it. Providing you a versatile application that is perfect and safe for eliminating minor roach nuisance or a nasty, full-blown infestation. Suitable for living room, bedroom, kitchen, under sinks, corners, along baseboards, cupboards, basements, workplaces, and more possibilities. No worries as it is small enough to blend and go unnoticed in your space and is odorless to ensure overall safety and health.      


What Makes Our Cockroach Control Killing Gel Bait So Special?

  • Delivers an active ingredients that can successfully kill nasty, resilient cockroaches of all types 

  • Effectively powerful to kill the whole colony even the newly laid roach eggs within a few days

  • Comes with a slow-killing effect that can instantly poison a roach that consumes it and smartly carries the toxin to infect and eradicate the colony 

  • Provides an enticing qualities that guarantees to draw in cockroaches

  • Offers high versatility that works well on different areas, corners, and surfaces to bait roaches

  • 100% odorless and safe to be used with people around

  • No fumes or vapor

  • Small and compact to stay discreet

  • Quick and easy to install


  • Gross weight: 23.1g
  • Ingredients: Corn Starch, Vegetable Oil, Glucose, Imidacloprid, Yeast Extract
  • Box Size: 14*5.8*1.2cm
  • Product Size: 8.5*4cm

  • 8 x Cockroach bait station
  • 8 x double-sided tape


  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed in the picture.
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