💕 Advanced Leather Repair Gel

Color:  Maroon
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Extra Free Gift:  Repair Gel+Tool Kit(Free)

⚡Tired of cracks and scratches in your expensive leather?

No matter how well you take care of your leather, sooner or later scratches and cracks will appear and the leather will no longer look and feel new. Unfortunately, leather is very difficult to repair and also costs a lot of money.

✨This is THE SOLUTION for YOU!

The Advanced Leather Repair Gel is here to help repair scratches, tears, cracks, burn holes, or rips and make your expensive leather armchair look as good as new!

Repair car seats, office chairs, furniture, bags, jackets, and shoes like a pro.

The gel closely adapts to the color of the leather, so you don't have to worry about discolored spots. In addition, it offers full protection for the surface & prevents oxidization. 

Get this Advanced Leather Repair Gel NOW!

✅ Restore damaged leather - Easily repair scratches, cracks, burn holes, tears, or rips and make your leather shine again!

✅ Save time & money - Never pay too much money on expensive repairs, simply fix it by yourself effortlessly in minutes!

✅ Easy & convenient to use - Our Leather Repair Gel is the easiest and fastest way to repair damaged leather. It won't come off, it doesn't leave a sticky residue, and is completely water and weather-resistant.

✅ Wide usability - This gel works with nearly all types of leather such as car seats, furniture, shoes, bags, jackets, and many more, and can restore most of the common damages. 


1. Clean and degrease the target area

2. Apply the leather gel with a pencil, sponge, or towel and spread it evenly

3. Let it dry naturally or use a hair dryer

4. Normally You Need 5 To Meet Your Family's Needs


  • Weight: 20g
  • Color: Maroon, Chocolate Brown, Black, Beige, Cherry, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Oak.
  • Size: 



  • Advanced Leather Repair Gel*1/3/5 / Ten color suit*1/3/5

Customer questions & answers

Q: How much area can one branch cover?

A: Two sticks of Advanced Leather Repair Gel can repair approximately one single sofa.

Q: Can it be used to repair faux leather?

A: Advanced Leather Gel works great on all types of leather, even the faux ones.

Q: Can it repair cat scratches?

A: Yes, Easily repairing leather scratches/ scrapes/ scuffs/ scuffed/ pet clawed marks/ faded leather, covering stains/ pot in all kinds of leather products.

Q: Is the product after application colorfast? 

A: Yes, if the color application dries properly, it is colorfast. The repair compound is not only paint, but it also contains a leather filler and adhesive and dries to a leather-like finish. The repair holds very strongly, often outlasting the actual material.

Q: What if I don't have the color I want?

A: Mixing and matching colors is required if you want to achieve a color that is not in our color selection. Apply the mixed colors to areas not visible such as the leather underneath to get the best match. Once you have the right color, it is recommended to apply it with a small area and work your way up to a larger one.

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