Breast & Arm Shaper | Shapewear Compression Sleeves.

Color:  Black
Chest Size:  XS



SLIM YOUR ARMS & BACK - The upper arm shaper gives strong compression on your arms and back, smooths and tightens, and gives you a slimmer figure.

WORK AS POSTURE CORRECTOR - This slimming shapewear for women with firm compression of upper arms pulls shoulders back for great posture, improves your posture, and makes you great and feel fantastic.

PUSH-UP & CHEST SUPPORT - Our body shaper adds a U-shape design to provide chest support and avoid breast compression while adding a mild push-up effect,ct, and improving posture.

SEAMLESS MATERIAL & 3 HOOKS IN FRONT - This black or nude arm shaper sleeve is made with silky, soft, high elastic material, The tight fit is seamless invisible under clothing, and makes you feel comfortable. With 3 adjustable hooks, you can easy to wear and adjust it for a snug fit at all times.

THREE-QUARTER SLEEVES DESIGNED - The compression design for long sleeves with spliced elastic lace.


This upper top clasps under the bra give you an extra boost in the chest and provide compression for body shaping without flattening your breasts.

This underwear with elastic lace sleeve closure keeps it from rolling up, compresses saggy skin/bat wings, and reduces upper arm size to make you look slimmer.

With three-quarters sleeves covering the elbows, to some extent, you can get some relief from arthritis or muscle strain/soreness after intensive fitness activities.

Well-Crafted Body Shaper

  • The arm shaper garment is used with super soft, stretchy & breathable fabric with a special U-shape design to emphasize your body curves, boost your confidence, and make you more attractive.

4 Rows Front Hook Closure

  • This compression top with 4 rows of front hooks under the breast, is very convenient for on & off. You can adjust the tightness levels during different periods, suitable for many different body types.

Super Elastic Wide Band

  • The arm slimming shapewear is designed with a very stretchy wide band around the body, to keep the top stay put, give you comfy shaping, won't dig into your rib, or make you feel uncomfortable.

Exquisite Lace Sleeves

  • This upper arm shaper with beautiful lace around the cuffs. It is very elastic and stretchable. This undergarment not only gives you a comfy shape but also helps you create a fashion-decent look.

Comfortable Material

  • Soft, elastic fabric for comfort and fit.


This arm compression shaper is very soft, lightweight, and close-fitting to your body, with under bust wide band, and won't make you feel over-squeezed.

The lingerie gives you a comfy shape meanwhile it is unnoticeable under your clothing, a perfect match with your lovely dresses, jumpsuits, blouses, shirts, etc.

Our arm-shaper top is suitable for many occasions, like doing daily work at home/office, having parties/shopping with families, doing yoga/fitness at the gym, etc.

Package Content

  • 1 x Women Upper Arm Shaper
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